“In a sense, every time you wake up
you are playing Russian roulette with life.”

There’s an elephant in the room and no one wants to discuss the fact that no one picks “their day.” Nobody wakes up and says, “I cant wait to defend my life against those home invaders.” or “Man I can’t wait until the “peaceful protesters’ come to my neighborhood or worse my house.” The only thing guaranteed in life is you are going to die. In a sense it’s like playing Russian roulette each day. There may not always be someone there to save you.
Therefore you need to be able to react to adversity with power, decisiveness and a willingness to continue. So no matter the cost you need to fight for your family. You need to have the ability to have as much control of your safety, you sustainability and your accountability. Many who are unfamiliar with this perspective may look at this as unrealistic. However there is a way for you to take care of yourself and your family.
No one is coming to save you, so you need to develop the mental fortitude and explore the solutions that are available to you today. Recognizing your vulnerabilities early allows you to implement workable strategies that protect you and your family. Given this, the decision to act and to take proactive steps starts with you. When all is said and done, your security, your care and your security rest solely on your shoulders.