Friends, the past month has shown us that the breakdown in rule of law is accelerating to a place I have not seen in my lifetime. Many have remarked that it reminded them of the societal turmoil of the late 1960s, but worse.

I think that we are likely to see a worsening of violence that could manifest with the targeting of perceived ‘rich’ areas of towns and traditionally ‘white’ areas.

Last weekend of the Washington DC protests showed the familiar posturing of obviously drug-influenced and stoned thugs describing how they were going to “F%#&” the President’s daughter beginning at 21:44. By 23:40 the convoy leader attempts to turn the crown on a black, older gentleman who was security guard keeping watch over a residential area. When things quickly began to escalate, the same leader who incited the hatred of the crowd tried to ‘deescalate’.

We’ve seen riots turn deadly in Portland, Kenosha, and other cities, but Kenosha is probably the most troubling to me. Kenosha is a small, Midwest city of approximately 100,000 people. Thanks to social media, all it takes now is one publicized incident to set off a firestorm. Within 48 hours, buses with paid agitators with criminal rap sheets can be brought in to wreak havoc on a town to which they have zero connection. Put simply these people are the political equivalent of the Barbarians besieging Rome.

We in the preparedness world have long maintained that larger and even medium sized cities would be a problem during SHTF. However, we are seeing now that any town of any reasonable size can become the flash point. Your city may be peaceful and stress free one minute, and then 48 hours later become a virtual war zone. That is the “New Normal.”

In light of this reality, let’s evaluate some practical points for preparedness.

1)  Your Self Defense Plan

  1. You need a rifle. Like yesterday. Your rifle should have the following basics with it:
  2. A sling
  3. Iron sights

2)  A white light mounted onto the rifle

  1. It should be zeroed (I recommend a 100 yard zero).
  2. Your rifle should be loaded, chambered and ready to go into action at a moment’s notice. Unless you have specific reasons (such as children who will not obey you) it should be kept accessible.
  3. I warn you, it is brutal watching a man beat a helpless young mother unconscious while her terrified toddler watches. You may want an adult beverage before and after. However, if you want to be prepared for what these murderous, bloodthirsty savages have threatened to do to law abiding people, you owe it to yourself to watch it.

You are preparing to prevail in a battle of life and death with animals like what you see in the video. You need to fully understand what these monsters are, how they prey upon helpless and innocent people, and why talking and pleading doesn’t work. Thankfully, the woman lived and the perpetrator received life in prison. But what would this poor mother have given to have a loaded rifle within arm’s reach?

3)  Do 10 presentations of the rifle every night before you go to bed. It takes 2 minutes. Obviously, follow the firearms handling rules.

  1. You need to carry a pistol with you, especially when you go out. Try for 5 minutes of dry practice per day. At a minimum, you can do 5 minutes per week. Come on now!
  2. A communication plan in case the grid does down or cell phone towers are destroyed
  3. Keep your vehicle maintenance up to standard, and try to keep the gas topped off when possible.
  4. If you live in a city, have an evacuation bag ready.
  5. You need a fire escape plan
  6. Every sleeping room above the ground level needs an evacuation ladder
  7. Fire extinguishers placed appropriately throughout your dwelling. An additional extinguisher in your car is also a good idea.

4)  Educate your children on a rally point in the event you should be separated during a fire

  1. Drill your family on fire evacuation
  2. Listen to your gut and keep aware of your surroundings, especially on the road. If something or someone catches your eye—there is a REASON for it. 9 times out of 10, if you’re singing along in your car to the radio and your attention seems to randomly glide towards a particular vehicle or person in it, take note.
  3. HANDS are what hold weapons. Develop the habit of the scanning and discriminating threat vs non threat. Tell yourself, “Whole body, hand, hand, waistline.”
  4. Whole body (demeanor, police lanyard)
  5. Hand (knives, guns, bricks, chains, phones, beer bottles)

5) Food

  1. You HAVE to have a minimum of 2 weeks worth of food in your house. It’s also a good idea to cache some resources off site as well
  2. Have a water filtration system that doesn’t require electricity

6) Medicine

  1. Have every maintenance med kept in a place where you can grab and go.
  2. Have supplies of common medications, bandages, wound care materials, etc
  3. Have assessment tools like a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, etc
  4. Have a TOURNIQUET with you at all times.
  5. Take my online course! It will help you make better choices and prioritize your spending.

7) Prayer

  1. Fasting on Thursdays has changed my life. I start at sun up at go usually to sundown, although you can do whatever you feel led to. I will usually have liquids, but abstain from food and spend the day with worship music in the background.