Don’t have a trusted network to prepare with?

Here are some resources and options to check out if you haven’t found your “circle of trust” yet or don’t know where to start…

Circle of Trust
  • look into joining a local militia group

  • look at local gun clubs/shooting leagues

  • look at church groups that see the reality of what’s happening in society and with government overreach

The Civilian Defense Force

The Civilian Defense Force is your friends and neighbors, coming together to stand in the face of danger as the last line of defense of our American homeland. After the police, after the National Guard and other military, we (your mail carrier, pharmacist, pizza shop owner, dog groomer) will be there, ready to defend.

They’ll help when disaster strikes, when police are overwhelmed, when search and rescue volunteers assemble. We are citizen soldiers who put our communities, and our nation, first.


If you don’t have access to your own secure property or a friend/family member’s, you may want to consider purchasing a small piece of land in an area that’s away from major cities and already has a group of like-minded individuals there. 

Armagetaways™ properties are dual-functioning: a vacation getaway spot and and a fully self-sufficient, safe community of like-minded Americans. Think of it as an “off-grid” luxury property for you and your family to run to or play at. 

The concept came from a few people that are a little more “advanced” in the survival/prepping community, that got tired of just the elite millionaires being able to have a safe spot to run to. 

Instead of one family having to take on the whole expense of purchasing land, water systems, off-grid power and security, Armagetaways™ has done this as a community so having this option is more affordable and accessible to more people. 

The great thing is, if the zombies never arrive or are a long way off, your plot in the community can always be used as a getaway vacation home. You don’t have to learn complicated systems, how to navigate security (because it’s provided) or seek out the right piece of land. It’s already done for you. 

You can check out their website and get more info on their projects, here: 


Helpful or Interesting Articles

The following are things I found worth watching for more knowledge on our current state of unrest and more…

Circle of Trust

Civil War -the way America could end. Video by Glenn Beck (click image to watch)

The Left is grooming us for an Eastern European-style revolution this election, and they’re not even trying to hide it any more. Glenn explains the history and plans of this movement within our own country.

Circle of Trust

Battling Covid-19 Tyrants – Video by Glenn Beck (click image to watch)

Glenn argues we’re witnessing the birth of a new civil rights movement and that it’s time to build a coalition of common sense to keep America as we know it free.

pre election predictions

15 Pre-Election Predictions – Patrick Bet David of Valuetainment (click image to watch)

Patrick has a ton on cool interviews with all types of people but I thought this shorter video was a good perspective on what to (maybe) expect in the coming weeks. 

home defense tips

Home Defense Tips with Navy Seal Jason Pike (click image to watch)

I personally know Jason and his knowledge is priceless when it comes to all kinds of defense. Here, he speaks about setting up your home so you and your family are protected. Subscribe to his YouTube for more info on shooting and more!

Skills to Consider for the Future

I know that buying equipment and stocking up on supplies can be expensive! If you lack the financial means to prep your household, you can also learn skills that you can barter/trade with for supplies or to make yourself essential to a network of people.

This is also a list of things that might be helpful for your “circle of trust” and household to learn for the times ahead. If anything, buy books on these subjects to have on hand with the rest of your supplies…


bee keeping
  • sewing (both clothing & wounds)
  • car mechanics
  • hand tools/repair
  • building/construction
  • engineering
  • welding
  • weaving
  • midwifery
  • psychology
  • medical/nursing
  • fist aid/CPR
  • dentistry
  • chiropractic
  • veteranarian
  • gun smithing
  • black smithing
  • reloading ammo
  • tying knots
  • sharpening tools
  • using a compass
  • preparing firewood
  • weather forecasting
  • waste management
  • leadership
  • plumbing
  • pest control (includes liberals)
  • electrician
  • martial arts
  • shooting
  • sniping
  • night vision
  • hand-to-hand combat
  • morse code
  • hand signaling
  • water collection
  • water purification
  • water distilling
  • tire repair
  • tracking time (sun)
  • herbal medicine
  • making soap (from wood ash/lye)
  • candle making
  • making butter, cheese
  • canning food
  • dehydrating food
  • solar oven baking
  • seasonal cooking
  • smoking food
  • rendering fats
  • brewing/distilling
  • tapping maple trees
  • wild edibles
  • mushrooming
  • hydroponics
  • aquaponics
  • root cellar bild and care
  • homemade skincare
  • homemade cleaning care
  • hand laundry
  • straw bale gardening
  • weeding
  • planting trees/arborist
  • surveillance
  • starting a fire (non-Antifa)
  • composting
  • animal husbandry
  • raising bees (honey/wax)
  • dressing/cleaning animals
  • hunting/trapping
  • archery 
  • tracking
  • fishing
  • butchering
  • foraging
  • tanning skins

So you have a network of trusted friends – now what?

Maybe you’ve talked with some like-minded neighbors, had a family meeting about getting some supplies or plan on putting together a group of friends for future tough times ahead. Read these tips for some ideas on how to move forward…

network with trusted friends
  • have a meeting to get on the same page and take inventory of what each person can bring to the group in terms of skills & resources

  • make sure everyone understands privacy – what is said in the group, stays in the group

  • being/living in close proximity is ideal but if you can’t, try to plan on meeting in a more secure location

  • take notes, assign roles, be respectful in your discussions

  • realize that these things can be very stressful for some and more exciting for others – respect where people are at emotionally and recognize your strengths and weaknesses

  • do things “one step at a time” – tackling everything at once can be overwhelming

  • have fun together – don’t forget to relax and laugh together to break up the chores/work

  • pray for God’s guidance in your set-up, spending and roles

  • be humble – good leaders will rise naturally, not demand control. If you can’t work within a group, check your attitude because you will make things miserable for yourself and the rest of your group

  • be honest with your limitations. If something is too much for you, ask for help or let someone else take the job/responsibility

  • realize that small arguments and disagreements are completely normal. This will be like any other family! If foundationally your group is very different, then it may be better to look for another group