Arma: Preparing for the Worst

Getaways: Expecting the Best

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, it seems the Biblical prophecy of Armageddon is just around the corner. You need to plan for the best & prepare for the worst.

For many years multi-millionaires and billionaires have been planning and purchasing their own safe havens in missile silo’s, underground bunkers and compounds in faraway places. What are the rest of us going to do? Armagetaways™ is the answer.

Imagine owning your own piece of a vacation membership community/safe haven. These all inclusive community are completely self-sustaining  giving members of the Co-op their own safe place where they can live and thrive for years without outside assistance or simply have their own vacation spot to spend time with their family.

Armagetaways Features and Benefits

Full Family Membership

Residential membership entitles you to select a residential building site where an approved contractor can build your tiny home, cabin, container home, earthen home or subterranean structure. 

Senior Membership

The Senior Membership allows you to select your own RV or Tiny Home Space on an Armagetaways™ Property. At your option you may include your RV space or tiny home in our Managed Rental Pool program that is available to other Members. Investing in this membership allows you to take advantage of Armagetaways™ facilities without setting up permanent residence.

Water Collection

Water is foundational to Human survival. Our Armagetaways™ locations each feature Water Wells, River/Lake water as well as Water Capture.  Further, treatment options to ensure a lifetime supply of potable water is available. All of these considerations are inherent in Armagetaways™ Resorts. 

Using tried and proven methods, Armagetaways™ provide all basic water needs very efficiently by separating what is needed for each category of use.

Food Sustainability

Family Gardens are encouraged. In addition Community Aquaponics greenhouses grow and store food year around for all memberships. Community agriculture including chicken houses, goats, and cattle are managed on the property. In addition, wild game is abundant on each Armagetaways™ Resort.


Off Grid Power

Technology has finally reached balance with cost and affordability. Armagetaways™ will use a combination of Solar and Wind power Generation and Tesla Batteries for storage. This coupled with Highly Efficient Electrical/Electronic Solutions, one will NEVER know they are not tied into a major power grid.  An ongoing infinite supply will power each Building Site.

It’s Time to Protect Your Family!

Private Security

Each Armagetaways™ Resort features a Well Vetted Former Military “Property Manager” who not only lives on the property with their family full-time, but they are paid and tasked with ensuring the safety and security of each Resort Member. 

A Rural Getaway with Private Security

Each Armagetaways™ Resort will feature 24 hour monitoring of the perimeter as well as physical patrols of the property daily to ensure Zero breaches to the Resort.

Protecting our members and our property is a major priority of all Armagetaways™ properties. We have the right as American’s to protect our property with reasonable force against another person who is threatening to infringe on our family or property, especially in Texas. We take this matter seriously and are very proactive in protecting what matters.

Community Areas

A community kitchen, pavilion, community brick oven, swimming pool, activity areas, shooting range, stables, RV Park and other resources are available to all memberships.


Each Armagetaways™ Resort will feature a Still to make Alcohol. Alcohol, in addition to providing antiseptic properties for medicinal purposes, a Libation for Celebration, there is also Fuel in the form of Ethanol to power equipment, generators and vehicles that could be significant in times when basic services are cut off or limited.

Peace of Mind

We all hope we never have to live through an Armageddon BUT being PREPARED to protect the life and well being of your family HAS NEVER BEEN MORE PRESSING.  Americas Cities are burning!

Each Resort features a minimum of 50 Like-minded People or Families and are approximately 50+ miles from a Major Metro area.

FREE BOOK: Surviving the Coming Armageddon

I wrote this book after discussions with hundreds of people who are concerned watching the Civil unrest and burning of our Cities!

In 2008 I began to see a change in our country. Today, what I envisioned then is happening.

At that time, I began to work on the bones of this book. Primarily for my family and friends.  Most people couldn’t start a Fire if they found themselves having to flee their home at a moments notice and ended up in the woods somewhere for safety.

What about shelter, water, food, and protecting their family?   I believe, within the next 18-36 months, a large number of Americans are going to find themselves in this situation.

Surviving the Coming Armageddon will give you the BASIC skills to survive and wait out a return to normalcy.


Download Book Now

Not a Timeshare, Not a Vacation Club, You Own your Land plus enjoy all the Ammenities



Vacation Club

Property Ownership

Safe Haven if needed

Fortified & Protected

Optional Full-time LIving

Potential Income

Network Reciprocity



Vetted Membership

Off-grid Living


Association Vote       

Away from Dangerous Cities

Ideal Family Experiences

Ability to Learn & Grow


Build Dream Home

Second Home




Off The Grid Sustainable Living and Vacation Family Retreat

DON’T DELAY, APPLY TODAY! There are LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE! Applications will be reviewed on a First Come, First Served Basis.  We DO NOT DISCLOSE the exact location of ANY Armagetaways™ Property until an Applicant is APPROVED. Once an Applicant IS approved, a Letter of Intent with a DEPOSIT is required until the Agreement is finalized.

The first 2 Armagetaways™ Resorts are within 100 miles of a major Texas City yet far enough away to provide MAXIMUM SAFETY AND SECURITY!